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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Floor Plan Walk-through

Poway Custom Home & ADU

Hey everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Poway at this brand new custom home, an ADU that we’re building. We’ve made a ton of progress since our last video update, which I think was when we were loading all the trusses. So as you can see behind me, a lot has gotten done here. I want to show you what’s going on, so let’s take a look.

Custom Home & ADU Progress Update

Behind me is the entry, this is what we’re looking at right now. As I was saying, a lot has happened since we last did a video update.

  • All the trusses got stacked.
  • Fascia got hung.
  • Dormers got built.
  • Roof just recently got dried in. So no more leaks while the guys are working, which really speeds things up.

What Needs Completed Still?

Everything can just keep rolling along inside. Windows got put in recently. That’s always a fun finishing touch because it starts making the place feel like a home, for sure. So yet to be completed here is:

  • The front is an archway that’s going to get built right here in the entry.
  • The front door, rough opening needs to be framed in.
  • Also going in is an arch window above that, as well as two windows to the side of the front door as well.

We held off on doing that just because there were just a ton of moving parts and things that had to come together at this front entry way. I’ll take you in here in just a minute and show you, but we needed to hold off on that as to see how it all came together and see what actual size of arch we could fit in there, as well as the front door and windows. So now we’re at the point where we know, so we can move forward with that.

Open Beams & Rough Trades in Poway, CA

Let’s take a look in here. I’ll pan up here and just show you some of this open beam work. The tongue and groove material on top of that, it’s beautiful. So this is also the front and then I’ll take you through the house into the back. There’s a large covered back patio area that has the same type of detail open beam work. So let’s go on inside, show you what’s happening in here. All of our rough trades are almost completely finished up. It’s called rough, not because they do a rough job, but because this is the beginning part of their portion, which means that everything that gets buried in the walls happens right now. The finish stage happens once:

  • Everything is all painted.
  • Most of the appliances have been installed.
  • Countertops and cabinets come back.

Great Room Vaulted Ceilings

So this is the great room that we’re standing in, the Fireplace is going in here. Just an awesome vaulted ceiling area. I think it’s close to 16 feet high in the middle of the ridge. There’s a 16 foot wide stacking door that’s going to go in this opening here. Three of the panels will move from left to right and they’ll stack over here, so this will just be one wide open area. There’ll be a 12 foot opening. It can be out to open the back area.

Dining Room, Kitchen & Island Footprint

Over here is the kitchen and dining room. You can see the footprint of the island, the line snapped out on the floor. This all happens right now so that the electrician and plumber knows where that island’s actually going to be so they can set the can lights centered on certain areas. There is a sink going in this island, so we have one centered over the sink. And then obviously, the plumber needs to know where the cabinets are going to fall so he can make sure that they come up in the cabinets, which already would’ve gotten figured out before we put the foundation in. Sometimes things happen and things get moved.

Custom Home Guest Bathroom

This is a guest bathroom. Just a single sink vanity and nice big shower in here. There’s all 10 foot tall ceilings in this house. It’s about a 2,900 square foot house, but it feels much, much larger than that just because of the volume that the ceilings and the vaulted area bring. There’s a few different areas in the cells that have these archways in it. It’s a really nice detail, goes good with all the high ceilings.

Mud Room, Back Patio & Open Beam Work

We’ll go through here, this is a mudroom area. It’s going to be a bench cabinet that gets put here. And back around here is the pantry and garage. Before we go through the rest of the house I want to show you this back patio area and all the really grand open beam work. The guys that built this just do a phenomenal job. Every one of those rafters is set into that ridge beam about, I think an inch on each side so everything’s cut perfectly. Let’s zoom in here, you can’t see one seam. They do an amazing job at making that just look seamless.

Craftsman Style Custom Home & ADU

So we’ve got another outdoor fireplace here. This one actually doesn’t have a chimney pipe. It vents out the front, which is kind of nice since it is outdoors. There’s quite a bit of covered porch area here on this house as well. Everything, obviously under this back patio area, whole wrap around section, all the way back to the garage that has these pillars is going to get a box built on the bottom of it, and then a tapered column, on top of that. This house is going to be a craftsman style house. You can’t see any of that right now, but all that gets prepped for right now as things get framed and shaped to accept all those finishing touches, as we move forward.

Master Bedroom | Poway Custom Home

Let’s head back inside the house, I’ll show you the bedrooms. I know I’ve already done this once before, but it’s always fun to see the progression of these different steps. Let’s head into the master bedroom area. You can’t see it too well, there’s a piece of plywood.

  • We’ve got another fireplace.
  • Sliding glass door going out to the back area.
  • This is a really nice bathroom, a large deck mounted jacuzzi style
  • Then the shower, this is unique to this house. We haven’t done a whole lot of these before, but this shower is going to be a steam shower, so the enclosure will go all the way up from this little pony wall to the ceiling. And here’s… Well, the door will not go the entire way up, but the entire shower area will be enclosed to make the steam area work.

There’s some complex plumbing going on here. It’s probably about 20 fittings in that whole arrangement just to make that valve work. What’s going on there is… We’re doing a handheld shower with a hose, and it has a diverter in it for a rain head. So a lot back and forth to make all that happen. You have a double vanity here. There’s going to be a step down or sit down vanity right in the middle for putting on makeup, I suppose. If we talk slurrier, that’s a very important thing. We have to make sure we get it right in these master bathrooms. There’s the master closet. I’m going to take a shortcut here through the wall, but then walk all the way around just to show you these little bedrooms.

Custom Laundry Room Pass Through

You’ve got a laundry room right here. Something that’s unique to this laundry room that we don’t typically do, but that’s what building a custom home is all about, you get to do your own thing. The master closet is in the backside of this. We’re going to build a pass through cabinet  in the back corner area as a laundry hamper to dump clothes into a blind corner cabinet. So they could put the dirty clothes right there and they just grab and toss them in the wash.

Downstairs Bathroom & Bedrooms

All right, let’s set down here into this lower area of the house, these two bedrooms. Again, a double sink vanity here. There’s going to be a tub, shower combo here. Bedroom here with closets, and another bedroom here. So that’s the layout of the house and where we’re at with it, currently.

Shear Nailing Inspection | Poway Custom Home & ADU

Next steps, we will be getting roof shingles fairly soon. For inspections that we have coming up, we have our shear nailing inspection coming up real soon. They check the nailing pattern of all of the shear walls outside, and the few that are inside the house, once we get that. You can see all these nails here that have actually rusted from all the weather, but they’re looking at all of that pattern for the nails in the walls to make sure they’re structurally sound and nailed off, like they should be. Once we get that, we can cover these up. This house is getting a combination of siding and stucco. So once we get that passed, we can wrap the house with the house wrap, and then get the stucco paper and lath all started.

Combination Frame Inspection | Poway Custom Home & ADU

Shortly after that, probably, we’ll get our combination frame inspection, which I know I’ve mentioned before in earlier videos. They’re going to inspect all the framing, all the structural parts of the framing, all these hold downs. You can see in the corner, anchor bolts. You can see there on the plate, any kind of plate and bracket for the structural members. All the mechanical that’s in the walls gets looked at:

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Voltage

That’s a huge inspection, but what that does for us is that means we can close up. We can insulate and close up the walls once we’re passed with that. And then we can rock and roll with insulation and drywall and all the finishing touches after that.

Thanks for watching!

Thank you for watching and seeing the progress on this beautiful new home. It’s taking shape really quick. We’ll have another video update for you soon. Have a wonderful day.

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