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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Floor Plan Walk-through

Poway Custom Home & ADU

Hi everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Poway at this brand-new custom home and ADU that we’re building. We’ve made a ton of progress since our last video update when we were loading the trusses. I want to take you through the house and show you what’s going on.

You saw the entry as I walked in. The framers stacked and sheeted all the trusses. They completed these dormers too. The roofers recently laid the roof felt to dry in the house. This is a huge step as it stops any leaks when it rains, and the guys are working. This really speeds things up. Everything can just keep rolling along inside. Installing the windows is always encouraging as it starts making this place feel like a home. There’s still quite a bit to be done, we’re going to build an archway here in the entry, the front door still needs the opening framed in, and we will install two side windows and an arched window above. We purposely held off on this framing because all the moving parts complicated this entry area. Now that we’re sure of the proper size we’re moving forward and building the arch. This entry has some beautiful tongue and groove material mixed in with the open beam work. Out back there’s a large covered back patio with the same open beam detail work. Let’s look inside.

The Rough Trades

All the rough trades are almost finished with their work. It’s called rough because this is the beginning stage to their scope of work. Everything they install now will be buried in the walls. At the finish stage, which is after all painting, flooring and countertops are complete, they come back to install their finishes.

The Great Room

This is the great room that we’re standing in right here. The fireplace goes here. This is an awesome vaulted ceiling that reaches close to 16 feet in height at the ridge. We’ll be installing a 16-foot-wide stacking door in this framed opening. Three of the panels will move from left to right and they’ll stack on this side. When the door is open, this space will be one 12-foot-wide open area. This is going to be a great feature that ties in with the kitchen and dining room.

The Kitchen

You can see we snapped out the footprint of the island. We do this now so that the electrician and the plumber know where that island will stand in the future. This allows them to coordinate the sink and lighting together. Sometimes things happen during the pour, so the plumber can confirm the plumbing is still good or if it needs to move.

Walking Down The Hallway

I’ll walk through here to show you this guest bathroom. We have one single sink vanity in here with a nice big shower. The walls are all 10-foot-tall ceilings, so with about 2,900 square feet of home, the additional ceiling heights make this home feel much, much larger. The few archways add a nice detail that ties in well with all the high ceilings. Over here we have a mudroom in which we’ll install a bench cabinet. Around here, we have the pantry and the garage.

Craftsmanship on the Back Patio

Before we get to the rest of the house, I want to show you this back patio area that I mentioned earlier. This is all the grand open beam work. The guys that built this do a phenomenal job on every project. Every one of those rafters is set into that ridge beam about an inch on each side so everything’s perfectly cut. If I zoom in, you can’t see one seam. So, these guys’ craftsmanship is superb. We have another outdoor fireplace here. This fireplace doesn’t have a chimney pipe. Instead, it vents out the front, which is nice since it is outdoors.

We have quite a bit of covered porch area here on this house, I’ll back up so you can see. They wrap around this entire section all the way to the garage. Each one of these pillars will have a box built on the bottom with a column on top that tapers. This house is designed to be a craftsman style home.

The craftsman style currently isn’t visible, but we prepare everything for it right now, and in the future, the shape of the home is designed to accept all those finishing touches. Let’s head back inside the house and I’ll show you the bedrooms.

The Master Sweet

Heading into the master bedroom, we can see the progression of the fireplace, this sliding glass door, and a really nice bathroom. The plumber will install a large deck mounted jacuzzi style tub here. This unique house will have a steam shower here next to the jacuzzi. The glass enclosure will go all the way to the ceiling and the door will end pretty high so that the entire shower area will be enclosed to make the steam work.

There’s some complex plumbing going on here. There are about 20 fittings in that manifold to make the valve work. This shower includes a handheld shower head with a hose, and it has a diverter in it for a rain head. There’s a lot of back and forth to make all that happen. You can think about that when you’re taking a nice hot shower, when all the walls are stripped away, you can have a complicated set up in the ceiling. We have a double vanity in this bathroom. There will be a sit-down vanity right here in the middle for a makeup station. Back over here we have the master closet. Next, I’ll slip through this wall and show you the bedrooms.

A Custom Laundry Room Feature

I’ll show you the laundry room on the way down the hall. Building a custom home allows us to build custom aspects into the home. In this case, we’re building a pass-through cabinet right here from the master closet into this room. This back corner area will have a laundry hamper to dump clothes into from a blind corner cabinet. So, the owners can put the dirty clothes right there from their closet, and then they can toss them into the wash from this laundry room.

Extra Bedrooms

Moving down the hall, you can see the two bedrooms each with their own mini walk-in closet. Here in this bathroom, we’re installing a double sink vanity. There will also be a tub-shower combo in here. That’s the layout of the main house.

Shear and Combo Frame Inspections

The roof shingles are out for delivery fairly soon. We have a few inspections coming up. The combination frame and shear nailing inspection are coming up real soon. The shear nailing inspection will be first. The inspector checks the nailing pattern of all the shear walls outside, and the few inside the house. You can see these nails; the inspector is looking at the spacing pattern to make sure the walls are structurally sound and properly nailed off. Once the inspector signs off the nailing, we can wrap the home with the waterproof building paper, which allows us to start working on the siding and stucco.

Shortly after the shear inspection, we’ll get our combination frame inspection. During the combo frame inspection, the inspector will inspect all the structural aspects of the framing, including these hold downs and anchor bolts, essentially any kind of plate and bracket for the structural members. All that gets looked at as well as the mechanical (HVAC), electrical, plumbing, and low voltage. The combo frame inspection i’s a huge inspection, but once that’s signed off, we can rock and roll with the insulation and enclose the walls with drywall.

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Thank you for checking out the progress on this beautiful new home. It’s rapidly taking shape and we’ll have another video update for you soon. Have a wonderful day



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