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Why You Need an Assessors Building Record Before You Buy Land

Assessor Building Record in San Diego County

Today, we are going to cover:

This is specifically in the San Diego County area, so, if you’re buying land, the assessor building record is vital. You have to have it. If you are in any area of the East County, where it got hit by Witch Creek Fire, or Cedar Fire, or this could be even a home that was burned down on a structure fire that never rebuilt because of the insurance money wasn’t there, there has been impact fees, which would be school fees, traffic impact fees, and parks fees that have been paid for the previous structure that was on that property.

Saving Thousands of Dollars | Assessor Building Record

When you’re buying land, you want to know if there was a home there, because it could save you thousands of dollars. $10,000, plus school fees are typically $4 a square foot or in the range of. If you are building a new home and you have a 2000 square foot house, that would be times four, $8,000 in school fees. Traffic impact fees can be anywhere from 3,000 to $8,000 and park fees used to be 4,500. They just raised those to $7,500 for the county. So, that’s significant as well.

How to Avoid Paying School Fees in San Diego County

If you can show that there was a home on the property prior with the assessor building record, you can avoid paying school fees on the size of the home that was there before.

Example: If we built the same size home as before, we are not going to own any school fees. So if the home was 2,000 square feet and you build another 2,000 square foot home you will not owe anything. If we built a 3000 square foot home and had a 2000 square foot home prior, we’re going to pay school fees on 1000 square feet, so you’d only pay half or a third of that which is a huge savings.

Park & Traffic Impact Fees in San Diego County

Park fees are waived if you can prove a homeowner lived there prior. Traffic impact fees are typically waived. I have got conflicting information recently that anything after 2007, if the home was built after that, and now it’s not there anymore, the traffic impact fees are due, but we have had this waved in the past. So that’s conflicting information that I have right now, but it’s a definite possibility that you can still get that waived, depending on the situation.

How to Get an Assessor Building Record

So how do you get an assessor building record? This has to be requested by the owner of the property. If you’re buying land, you have to have your agent or yourself go to the:

  • Owner
  • Seller
  • Their Agent

The first thing you do is get the document from your county assessor’s website, give it to the delegated person, and have them fill out the form and put the of who the form can be released to, it can get released to you and you can then obtain that information from the county.

How to See What is Permitted on Potential Land Buy

The other thing that’s really important too, is you can actually see what is permitted. You can check by accessing the permit record, it’s super important that you do.

  • If you’re worried the area may not be permitted for a home, you can check before buying the land.
  • Garage permitted?
  • Remodel permitted?
  • Road permitted?

For More Information Visit Our Website!

Make sure you get an assessor building record during the due diligence period of either buying land or buying a home. It’ll clarify a lot of questions you might have about the property. I hope this was helpful. If you want more information about pricing of custom homes, ADUs, whole house remodels, popular floor plans, any of that, you can download it here on our website at tfgonline.com. Thanks for your time today and have a great rest of your day.

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