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Why You Need the Property Corners Marked When You Buy Land in San Diego County

Property Corners Marked by a Licensed Surveyor

If you’re buying land, I want to talk to you about why you want to make sure you get your property corners marked by a licensed surveyor. Let’s say you’re at the very beginning, you’re writing an offer. Make sure you have your agent represent you or you represent yourself by requesting the seller to have a licensed surveyor mark the corners.

Why You Need Your Property Corners Marked

Why do you want to do that? The reason is because you don’t want to be paying for a record of a survey down the line to mark a corner that you thought was the corner, but it actually wasn’t. Let’s say, we want to put a building on the property later, you have to establish property lines. We’ve got to know at least two corners are out on that side of the property, so we can pull a setback for the building and we’re required to show the city or county where that’s at. We find out when we hire a surveyor to look into that and mark your corners. That can cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000 or more, depending on the amount of work that the surveyor has to do to go back and actually locate and pin the corner.

Due Diligence | Property Corners Marked

You get your property corners marked during the due diligence process, we write our offer and have the inspection period. During that inspection period, that’s what we would call our timeframe that we do our due diligence to check into what this property has on it or any issues with the property. You’re going to have the seller have the surveyor:

  • Come out and mark the corners.
  • Confirm the corners are marked.

Then you’ll know if you need that record of the survey or not. If you do, then you can: 

  • Negotiate on a price with the owner.
  • Have the owner pay for the surveyor to mark the property corners.

Property Boundary Disputes in San Diego County

We’ve had issues too where you have a boundary dispute. I had one property that we purchased where our property was actually 15 feet into the neighbor’s yard making the fences off. Another big reason to get a survey done and have it marked by a licensed surveyor is that if you have a dispute and have a licensed surveyor involved then you can back up that dispute.

Helpful Resources from Freeman’s Construction Inc

I hope that helps. Make sure those corners are marked, and if you have more questions about buying land, building a custom home or ADU, remodeling your house, popular floor plans for custom homes or ADU’s, you can download and get pricing on our website. Thank you and have an excellent, excellent rest of your day.

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