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Are Fire Sprinklers Required in an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)?

Do You Need to Install Fire Sprinklers in an ADU in San Diego County?

Hey everyone, I wanted to talk to you today about ADUs and fire sprinklers. Questions come up during when we’re drawing plans on accessory dwelling units and one of the common questions is, “Do we have to put fire sprinklers in an ADU? Like in a detached ADU?” And the answer is maybe. It depends on the main house. If your main home or the primary dwelling on the property has fire sprinklers, then you absolutely have to. There’s no question, you have to put fire sprinklers in your ADU. If the main home doesn’t have fire sprinklers, you do not have to put fire sprinklers in the ADU. It’s not required.

How Much Can You Save by Not Installing Fire Sprinklers?

By not having to install fire sprinklers in the accessory dwelling unit it can save you $2,500 to $3,000.

Do We Recommend Installing Fire Sprinklers in an ADU?

We recommend installing fire sprinklers and the reason is because they’re for occupancy safety. Some people get confused about fire sprinklers being on the inside of the home thinking they’re for wildfires, they’re not. When a fire starts and is at the incipient stage, it’s just starting, it will set off the fire sprinklers and put out the fire at that stage meaning it gets past the room it started in. It’s for life safety purposes so we encourage people to install fire sprinklers.

How Poway, CA Fire Sprinkler Requirements Differ from San Diego County

The other thing is in Poway, it’s a little different. In the city of Poway, they allow you to build up to 1,500 square feet for an ADU. Anything over 1,200 square feet automatically kicks you into a mandatory fire sprinkler installation regardless of the primary dwelling having fire sprinklers in it.

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Poway

If the primary dwelling does not have fire sprinklers but you’re over 1,200 square feet, then will have to put fire sprinklers in. You’re also going to have to upgrade the water meter a lot of times because older homes have a three quarter water meter instead of the required one inch water meter. That’s something you’ll have to deal with if you’re in the city of Poway.

Do You Need More Information for Home Projects?

If you have more questions you can go to our website and download a ton of information on:

We just updated all of these on our website so the prices are updated with the changes that have happened over this last year, 2020. Thanks for your time. Have a great rest of your day.

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