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Freeman Custom Home | Project Update & Walkthrough

Freeman Custom Home – Project Update & Walkthrough

Hi everyone, this is Brandon Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Welcome to our home. I’m here with my daughter Allie. Can you say hello?

Allie: “Hello.”

My family and I are excited to show you what’s going on. I have not filmed a video update in a long time. We’ve been busy working hard. “Allie can you show your tools? What do you have in your toolbelt? You have a hammer, a saw. What were you working on last night? Did you help clean?”

Allie: “Yeah, I um… a broom and also um…”

“Yeah, you swept the ground.” She did a really good job. We have been working day and night on this place. If I look tired, it’s because I am. I felt like I got more rest when our kids were newborns. So if you,

SNEEZE… “God bless you.”

Allie: “Thanks.”

This home has taken a lot of work to progress, but my wife, Nicole, and I are extremely excited to move into this place. We love how the finishes are looking. Allie and I are standing here in the kitchen. It won’t be too long before we’re sharing meals with friends. We have dreamed about having a place that we can enjoy life with our friends and family and this project is that dream. I want to show your around so…

SNEEZE… “God bless you.”

Allie: “Thanks.”

I want to show what we included to add character to our home. “Allie can you say, ’see you later?’”

Allie: “See you later.”

I’m here looking at the kitchen, which is centered in the middle of the house. We decided painting the lower cabinets with a grayish teal-blue color and white for the uppers. The countertops will be a gray/white marble/granite type material. I think that will tie all these cupboards in nicely.

I’m extremely excited about the open beam work. You can see this makes a room come alive. Jesse White from J White Construction built these and he did an amazing job with them. This lumber was left over from many old jobs, and after laying around for many years, we ripped it all down, distressed it, and built these out of that old material. The painter antiqued them this week and now they look beautiful. We are really excited about these kind of details and how they make our home one of a kind.

I’m standing in a great room now looking back at the kitchen. We are just finishing up all of the finish carpentry work. The doors have been installed, this shiplap went up a couple of days ago…

Allie: “I can’t open the door, dad.”

We will probably finish all this finish carpentry work in the next few days. This area is our great room. We placed the fireplace right here. It still needs the hearth, masonry, and stone to be installed. Let’s continue on back to the bedrooms and laundry area.

Nicole, my wife, is thrilled about all the cabinet space in this laundry room area. Living conditions have been tighter than usual for us this past year. Butler Brothers cabinetry, out of Ramona here, built all these cabinets, as they do with all our homes. Ed and his team do a beautiful job.

Floor Tile

The orange you see here on the laundry floor is called an uncoupling membrane. This functions as both waterproofing and uncoupling. Uncoupling means that it separates whatever is beneath the tile from the tile itself. Any lateral movement or cracking does not transfer into the tile itself leaving you with a really solid base for your tile to go down. 

Shower Wall Tile

These orange walls in the master bathroom are made by a company called Schluter. The product is called Kerdi Board. It Is another method to waterproof showers and wet areas. Kerdi Board is made out of foam board with a waterproof membrane on both the front and the back. These features are a little bit of extra work, but well worth it in the long run. In our home, we included it in our master suite and in the kids’ and guest bathrooms as well. 

I’ll film a couple more videos similar to this one as a follow up. My last video was in February, so I have a little bit of catch up to do. I hope to share some stuff we learned when doing the copper pipe and plumbing as well as some of the chemicals and water quality information that is pertinent.

Custom Home Building

I hope you enjoyed this tour. Nicole and I are just thrilled to do something like this. It’s been a very long project, but well worth it and fun. We are blessed by the number of people that have stepped in to help. I’ll keep you updated with continued progress. If you like this floor plan and want to learn more about the building process, you can download this floor plan along with much more information about custom home building. Go to www.TFGonline.com. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful day!

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