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Before the Demo Begins for This Whole House Remodel

La Mesa, California Home Before the Demo Begins

Good morning. It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I’m on a job here in La Mesa that is going to be a whole house remodel and renovation. Today we are just starting the demolition.

Demolition Game Plan

Ace Hauling & Demolition is here. You can see he’s brought in a truck with his excavator in the bed. He’s going to back up to the garage there, and start tearing that top portion down. This gets him up high enough to where he can reach up and start tearing that down with his excavator.

Demoing for a 360 Degree View of La Mesa

This upper room right here is coming all the way down to the walls on the first floor. And then there’ll be a new room going up on top of that with a deck above that for a 360-degree view of the La Mesa area. Ace Hauling will then make a big pile in there and he’ll crawl in on top of that and then finish the demo out. I’m going to walk inside and give you a look at what’s going on inside the house.

Complete Interior Renovation for a Brand New Home

I sound a little muffled because I got my mask on with the demolition that’s happening, but I’m in the house and you can see these guys are really getting with the program here. They’re pulling all the windows out first, completely gutting everything out of this house, inside and out, for a complete renovation. Once they’re done completely stripping everything, this place will look completely different by the end of the day.

Exterior Renovation of the Home & Plans Going Forward

On the outside, this entire metal cover will come down. All the stucco will be torn off. The demo crew actually started last week and you can’t see it well, but the entire roof has already been completely torn off. 

The deck section behind that upper room is coming off and there’ll be a new deck going up on top of the front part of the house. Our crew here will probably have about three days in here and then this thing will be ready for us to get started on the foundation and framing. I would show you their view, but it’s a little cloudy today.

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