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Brad Freeman Backfilling Utility Trenches for an ADU in Blossom Valley

Backfilling Utility Trenches in Blossom Valley

Good morning. Bill Freeman here with Freeman’s Construction. I’m on this job in Blossom Valley and it’s a little noisy right now. We have a John Deere backfilling the utility trenches. You won’t believe who’s in there, my oldest grandson.

Brad Freeman, Equipment Operator

He’s going to turn 18 in about two days, I think, maybe three days, and is an outstanding equipment operator. I can remember sitting in my office with him, looking at a John Deere brochure, when he was about, two or three years old. He was fascinated with the tractors then. He lives in Idaho, he already has his equipment business set up there, and contractor’s license as well in Idaho. Recently he came down here to help me and our company since we were so busy and has been running equipment and doing all kinds of things.

Family Business | Freeman’s Construction Inc

I’m just blessed to have a family business and very grateful for everything that we do as a family. Have a blessed day, and we will talk to you later.

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