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Building a Home with Spray Foam Insulation to Make it More Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency with Spray Foam Insulation

Today we’re here on a job in Blossom Valley that just we completed the insulation on. I want to give you a short walk-through and share what we’ve done in the ceilings and the attic of this ADU.

How Spray Cell Foam Insulation Helps Your HVAC

You can see that the spray foam insulation has been sprayed all the way up against the roof sheeting and seals this entire attic off so that no air infiltration occurs into the house from the roof. This gives us a fully conditioned space which helps our HVAC system up in the attic. All the spray foam insulation takes a big load off the HVAC both in the summer and the winter while it works to condition the home. There are a couple areas in the attic that do not get sprayed, such as a California Fill, because the spray foam goes over the top of that framed section.

Using Spray Foam in the Attic

The other benefit is easy maneuverability if you ever need to get up in your attic to do anything. You can actually see where you’re going and not step through the ceiling and fall through or smash insulation down, which then compromises the insulating value of the insulation.

What Insulation is Used in Standard Walls?

We have the batt insulation installed in the exterior walls and the wall separating the garage. We insulate all of the interior walls as well, which does a great job limiting sound transmission throughout the house. We also insulated the ceiling in the garage with the same spray foam, so it’ll be a nice, comfortable workspace for our customer.

Energy Efficiency is the Goal

This is just one of the things we’re doing to make these homes much more energy-efficient and comfortable to live in, and less expensive for your utility bills on a monthly basis. Thanks for taking the time to watch. Have a great day. If you need any information on building a custom home, buying land, real estate, or anything to do with houses, you can go on our website at www.tfgonline.com. Thank you very much.

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