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Remodeling Projects with the Best ROI When You Sell Your Home

What Home Improvement Projects Have the Best Return on Investment?

Click here to view the full blog post by Real Property about Remodeling Projects with the Best ROI.

How Repurpose Works for Podcasters

The cool thing that it does for a podcaster is it allows you to take an audio and convert that to video format, and then push that over to YouTube. Say you are looking to grow your YouTube channel, and you’re not shooting video in front of a camera. It will allow you to take this audio and push it over to YouTube. The video format of the podcast plays showing a sound wave and a picture of you or your guests for your YouTube thumbnail. This allows you to get found on YouTube with an audio podcast. You can also chop that up and put little snippets of your podcast on YouTube. You can not only chop up your content in snippets but you can schedule this to go out at certain times automatically on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  You can automate it and save a ton of time.

How Repurpose Works for Video Creators

If you are a video creator, and you’re creating pieces of content for your audience it allows you to repurpose all of your video content. It all starts with Facebook. So you take your video, you shoot it, you trim it, and you get the beginning and the end all set to go and then you upload it into Facebook Creator Studio. Facebook will auto generate captions from the video. You edit these captions, make sure they’re right and then it will take these captions and automatically put them in your Facebook video. The cool thing is it will push the video over to YouTube, in its full length format, the captions are already there when it goes to YouTube. So the SRT file is generated and you don’t actually have to go and create that again. It also allows you to burn your transcriptions into your videos so they show below the video.

How to Get a Transcription File with Repurpose

There’s also automation, we’re hooked up with otter.ai, which is a transcription service that will transcribe the audio. This gives you the option to then take that transcription and edit it so it reads correctly and then use that to put in your blog.

How Repurpose Helps with Producing Content

Once it goes into Facebook you can schedule when it pushes to YouTube. On Facebook, you’re able to put in timestamps, and when you put those timestamps in the description of that video post, it will auto generate snippets that can then be scheduled to go out on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube at other times. You can edit the titles for those individual posts that are going to go out as snippets, and then drive them back with a call to action to wherever you want them to go. It allows you to very simply create extra content with snippets and be able to repurpose and create a lot of content.

How Repurpose Helps with Video Thumbnails

The other cool thing that it does is it takes and eliminates a lot of problems with the thumbnails that you’ll have. You will need to generate different size videos, for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram that are square. You will also have to always go back and generate different vertical thumbnails for IGTV, or the square thumbnails that we just talked about, for those platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram, and then you have horizontals, for YouTube. You have all these versions of thumbnails that you need from your graphic designer. They may have a template that they use, but each one has to get edited each week, in order to make it work for all these platforms. The video formats have to be changed as well. Repurpose actually automatically does all that for you. So you can set up templates one time in there for each one of those platforms and it will auto generate and convert it to the format that you need. It does it all for you. So it’s super awesome.

How Much Does Repurpose Software Cost?

If you pay by the month, then Repurpose software is $15 a month for a single business, $25 a month for 5 connections on each platform and $125 a month for marketing agencies. So there’s a number of different options and it’s very economical to use. There’s a major time savings for using this software. Click HERE to get more information on Repurpose software and what it can do for your business. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us. Have an excellent rest of your day.

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