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How to Get a Demolition Permit for a House in Canyon County

Getting a Demolition Permit to Tear an Old Home Down in Middleton, Idaho

Hey, today, we’re going to look at the steps to obtain a demo permit to tear down an old home in Middleton, Idaho. The house has been sitting without a roof since 2008, so it’s been deteriorating for quite some time.

Determine Your Jurisdiction and Submit a Building Permit Application

Determining your jurisdiction is the first step in getting a demo permit to tear an old home down. The property we’re talking about is in Middleton, Idaho; however, it’s in the Canyon County jurisdiction, which means that’s who you’ll contact to get the demo permit. The second step is getting a building permit application submitted to the Canyon County Building Department and requesting a demo permit.

How to Get a Demolition Permit

To get a demolition permit, you must fill out the building permit application with the property owner’s information, such as the lot size and location. You or the contractor agent can fill out the building permit application. When the application asks you about the structure type, check the box for Other and write “demolition permit.” That’s the initial part of the building application that has to go in, and then one of the last steps is prepping and submitting the site plan. The rest of the building permit application doesn’t apply much to the demo permit.

How to Prep a Site Plan for a Building Permit Application

First, you must measure your structures and plot them on the parcel. This parcel has an L shape. Secondly, you must get the dimensions of the house and then plot that too on the parcel. We then will take an aerial of the whole lot and plot that, so we can accurately depict the site plan and submit it to the county.

Illustrate Proposed and Existing Structures on the Property

You then have to show proposed and existing structures on the property. We’re not going to put existing structures because we’re demoing to get the site cleaned up. Wells could be proposed or marked if there are any or an irrigation ditch.

Mark Your Property Easements

We can mark easements, private roads, and shared driveways too. You’ll want to take dimensions, and I have a simple process you can use; take graph paper, which has a quarter-inch scale, mark them out and write down the measurements as you go. Then once completed, you can prep it to submit to the county.

Factoring the Building Setback for Eaves

We have a few dimensions that measured 34 feet and a 6.5-foot porch. There is also an eave, the overhang, that is 16 inches. So something important to know is the setbacks. When you’re showing the building plans, the building setbacks are from the eaves, not from the foundation. So you must factor in the eaves. So, even though we’ve got six foot six, you’d have to add 16 inches. We plotted this on this graph paper, so we’ve got 34 feet plus 6.5 feet, plus a 16-inch eave.

Getting a Demo Permit from the Canyon County Building Department

So, we will continue to finish the measurements and submit them to our draftsman, who will plot them on the site plan. Then we’ll submit that with that building permit application to Canyon County Building Department. They said they would give us a demo permit within about two days. So, that’s pretty quick.

What Are the Steps After the House is Demolished?

Once we receive the demo permit, we can tear down the structure. We’ll then need to reconnect with the assessor to confirm with the building department and communicate with them that we tore it down, and then they would remove any value the structure had.

How Much Was the Original Structure Worth Before Demolition?

The structure was originally worth a $50,000 value on the property, which is a negative value because we had to tear it down at cost. So we must re-look at the assessment as the property taxes are too high.

Wrapping Up

We hope that helps you understand how to get a demo permit in Canyon County. If you need more information on building, buying, or selling a home or land, feel free to contact us. Have an excellent rest of your day.



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