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Tour an ADU Under Construction in Escondido, California

Escondido Accessory Dwelling Unit Project Update

Good afternoon. It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Today, I’m in Escondido on a job site where we’re building an accessory dwelling unit on this property. A quick update: we’ve framed the home, the roof is on, and we’re currently putting the Tyvek wrap on; the house will have siding.

Air Filtration Barrier for Better Efficiency

So we’re putting on that Tyvek wrap, an air filtration barrier that makes the home much more efficient. We did this on a subfloor as the lot sloped off, and the driveway and garage were in a particular spot. So we did block walls, backfilled the area for the garage, then poured a slab on top of that and built up a subfloor raised floor foundation. We didn’t have to bring a bunch of fill dirt in, so we have a nice view out the back.

How Many Square Feet is the ADU?

The accessory dwelling unit is slightly over 1,000 square feet and has an excellent floor plan; it’s one bedroom with an office. The home will be all-electric, but we’ll have solar. We’re building the house for the parents of the primary homeowner so they can be with them and their grandkids when they visit from Los Angeles. So it makes it very convenient to come down and hang out

Accessory Dwelling Unit Floor Plan

To give you an idea of the floor plan, you walk in the front door, and the secondary bathroom is off of there with a linen closet. There’ll be a bathtub, a toilet in the corner, and a cabinet with the sink. We’re just about ready to get the framing inspection, and then we’ll start the drywall.


Then you walk into the area with the big open kitchen, dining room, and great room. The kitchen will have a refrigerator and sink where the window is. Then down that other side will be the stove and an oversized island.

Dining and Living Room

There is a window in both the dining room and living room and a 12-foot sliding glass door with four panels; two in the middle will slide over to both sides. The home will have a big deck with a nice view; you can see Mount Woodson in Ramona. We’re pretty high off the ground. We again did the block retaining walls and capped that with concrete with a step foundation below.

Main Bedroom

Down the hallway is the main bedroom, which also has a nice view. There will be a pocket door to get into the bathroom with a linen closet behind the pocket door. The bathroom will have a double sink, a toilet in the corner with a window, a zero barrier shower with a spray head and fixed head, and a closet.

Office and Garage

The office will have a cabinet and TV; there will be a window for light, and off the office is the garage.

What is a Zero Barrier Shower?

The zero barrier showers are popular in the homes we’re building now. It’s like a gym shower where there’s nothing to step over, which makes it easier to get in and out.

What is the Purpose of an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

We’re building a lot of ADUs. They’re a great way to build a structure without buying another piece of property or getting a rental for the family. There are a lot of uses for them.

Wrapping Up

If you have any questions or need help building a custom home or accessory dwelling unit, buying land, or a home remodel, please contact us.



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