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DEMO DAY 2 | Tearing Down an Old House

Update on Demo Day 2 for a Middleton, Idaho Home

Hey! We’re here to update you on demo day 2 for a vacant home in Middleton, Idaho! We got all the 6×6 logs with tongues and grooves on them down. We cut all the posts, so everything is on the ground. I want to show what we have left to do with this project.

Demoing the Walls of the Structure

We have a skid-steer with a gravel bucket, grabbing some loose debris and moving it back and forth. There are a lot of interior walls, lumber, and drywall. So we’ll be getting that, throwing that into a roll-off dumpster. The original structure was an old mill, so some posts are okay, but some have to go on the interior—all 4×6 tongue and groove logs. The middle walls are rotted off, so some walls are leaning for that reason. We have a wasp problem, too, so we’ve been killing wasps.

Next Steps for the Vacant Home and Property

The next step is to support the walls with the machine so we can cut and drop the walls to the outside. They were installing a tub, so you can see some of the plumbing in the wall. There was also an anterior 2×4 wall before the ceiling that we could see from the expandable foam to keep the air out. So we’re trying to pry the boards apart to save them. We’ll go through and drop the rest of the walls, pull the boards apart, then salvage the boards. We have a little more work to do. We have a couple of these panels down now; there are three, but they’re coming apart quickly.

Disposing of the Trash

We have a couple of big piles of trash from the house. The plan with these big piles is to get some roll-off dumpsters. We’ll get a bigger excavator, and we’ll have to drop those couple of these at the same time. And then we’re going to load with the big excavator into these, we’ll have one haul off, and then we’ll fill up the second one whenever the first one is picked up. Then if we need a third, we’ll have them drop it. So that is the plan there.

Logs for the Original Structure

Most of the debris has been brushed off and will be burned. So now that we have a slab, we can see where the logs were stacked with 6×6 posts. So each one was a little bit different, but I think the logs were about eight feet. No blind nails or anything was tying the logs together. So the logs are pulled apart easily.

ABS Line for the Septic System

The slab is fixed, but it has a lot of cracks in it. So we’ll probably end up demoing it. The other thing we had, a clean-out, is a three-inch ABS line that went out to the septic system or still goes to the septic system.

Preserving the Electrical Panel

If you can see the clean-out, it’s right next to the left of the new electrical panel we put in. We made sure to put duct tape on top so no junk fell into it during the demo process. And we ensured we preserved the pipe so we didn’t break it. Also, if someone wanted to park a trailer on the property, they could tie into it quickly, dump their sewer until we get this thing demoed, and relocate it.


I hope you enjoy day two of the demo on this old house. If you have any questions or need help building a custom home or accessory dwelling unit, buying land, or a home remodel, please contact us. You can also go to www.realpropertv.com, where you’ll find all these videos we create on the jobs and teach you about residential real estate.



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