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Energizing a New 200 Amp Underground Electrical Service

Starting Underground Electrical Services at the Middleton Property

Today, we are energizing a new 200 amp for our underground electrical services. The power company, Idaho Power, came and is pulling wire and placing the transformer on the pole so we can have power on the Middleton, Idaho property.

Prepping the Transformer and Conduit for Power Services

We have a guy up on the pole prepping it to take the transformer and conduit down the pole to tie into the three-inch electrical line we put in the ground. So they’re getting ready to lift it. Once the transformer is in place, bolts are used to keep the transformer secured.

Three-Inch Fiberglass Sweep

On the other side of the pole is a three-inch fiberglass sweep tied to the three-inch conduit that we had put in the ditch running up the pole. That will hold up a lot better against the sun, and they’re extending it to the transformer.

Mule Tape

They have mule tape, essentially rope, in the conduit, which is pulled through the panel and up the transformer so they can tie it in; this is the next step.

Upsizing the Wire to Four Ought to Hold 400 Amps

The electrical panel is where they will pull the wire. So Idaho Power will pull it back to the pole, where the meter will go. And then, in that three-inch conduit, they will pull the wire. So we had them upsize the wire, another 75 cents a foot or so, and this is four ought. So we could put a 400 amp panel in and upgrade it later from 200 amps to 400 amps if needed.

Pulling Wire for Electrical Services

Once they’re ready to start pulling the wire, they’ll grab the spool and feed it through; he has a pulley on the end of the truck that will pull the wire up to the transformer.

Q&A with Idaho Power


How much extra do you guys leave on each end?

Idaho Power Worker:

The end gets about two or three feet, just in case. I’ve often seen it get saved by someone digging into it. It’ll have a little leeway instead of ripping all your guts out of your meter base.


If someone catches a line by accident and pulls it?

Idaho Power Worker:



Gotcha. Yeah, that makes sense. So does he hook up on his end first, and then you’ll cut? Or do you guys cut at the same time?

Idaho Power Worker:

So I’ll do all my end first. It’s all energized on this side, so I’ll do all those dead work first, and then he’ll do all the hot work up there and energize the meter base.


Okay. So you cut first, then, and make up this over here?

Idaho Power Worker:




Issues with the Expander and The Solution

So Idaho Power had an issue when they pulled the wire through the expander. The expander was hanging up the wire down below it due to being roughly a half inch less than the pipe diameter. So they had to dig out the base, then they pulled it apart and could get it through and reconnect to the bottom of the panel.


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