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4S Ranch, CA

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Living in 4S Ranch, California

History of 4S Ranch

It was previously part of Rancho San Bernardo and originally part of four separate sitios or square leagues that was owned by Joseph Snook “Captain Snook”. Many believe that the “S” in 4S Ranch stands for “Snook” and “4” may stand for “4 Snooks”. Just in the scenic hills of north San Diego County, featuring homes with various architecture, eco-friendly facades and front porches.

Facts About 4S Ranch:

Neighborhood & Real Estate Costs

4S Ranch offers a family lifestyle in a gorgeous setting in the rolling hills. It is just 13 miles East of the of North County San Diego, and close to luxury living that doesn’t compromise the suburban comforts. It is a great neighborhood for you and your family.

4S Ranch Neighborhood:

The average cost for a median home in the 4S Ranch Community is $872,750. The housing market is scored as most competitive in San Diego with a 39.8% increase in market value and it doesn’t sit too long in the market after listing. Click here for more information on the cost to build a custom home or the cost to build an accessory dwelling unit in 4s Ranch, CA.

Places to Shop:

With the size of the 4S Ranch community you still have options when doing your groceries or just shop for anything in nearby areas. They have options for supermarkets or farmers markets in the area and shops for your liking. Here are a few on the list:




There are churches around the area of 4S Ranch for sunday services and you are always welcome to practice your religion in this area. Below are just to name a few churches in 4S Ranch:

Health & Safety

Important Information:

Crime Rates:

The crime rate is ranked as C because it is also part of San Diego County. Its total crime rate is 10% below the national average with violent crime rating 5% below the national average. San Diego is safer than most 32% of the cities in the United States

Chances of Being Victim to Crime in San Diego:

Sex Offenders in San Diego:

The sex offender list for 4S Ranch can be found under San Diego County and is low compared to California average even with the large population. The ratio of individuals is 1 (sex offender) to 998 people living in San Diego. The California ratio is 1 to 720 people, which is a bit lower. If you would like to view the sex offenders that could possibly or potentially live next to you view here.

Do You Have Children?

4S Ranch is a great place to live for the whole family. Its school system is under the part of the Poway Unified School District which is a large district comprising over 35 schools educating from kindergarten to high school adult levels. 

Schools in 4S Ranch


A larger number of schools in the district 4S Ranch belongs to have students who are making more academic progress than their peers at other schools in the state. Here are some of the schools in the area.


There are 17 private school options for enrolling your kids too that is near 4S Ranch! To view reviews, ratings and more to compare the private schools near 4S Ranch you may click here

Things to Do in 4S Ranch

4S Ranch is a part of San Diego County and it’s a place for people who love outdoors and it offers a variety of activities in the area. It has great views and a lot of attractions to explore not just for you but for your kids too. 

Things to Do in 4S Ranch:

Health & Fitness

If you want to stay fit, healthy,and active, 4S Ranch has the place for you! You can maintain and achieve great health because there are plenty of places around 4S Ranch to ensure you have a healthy mind and body.

Health & Fitness in 4S Ranch:


You will enjoy and have a great time dining in and eating out in a lot of restaurants near 4S Ranch. Share great meals with friends and family at any occasion.

Restaurants in 4S Ranch:

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We have used Freeman's Construction for various construction projects dating clear back to the 1980s! After the devastating Witch Creek fire in 2007, they rebuilt a house that we lost in the fire. They communicated very well, were meticulous about all the details, and worked hard to keep the construction costs within our budget. This company is family-owned and family-run, and operates with absolute integrity. I would recommend them to anyone.

Freeman’s Construction Inc. has been building custom homes, accessory dwelling units, and completing whole house remodeling projects in San Diego County for over 39 years. To schedule a project consultation please call us today at 760-788-6846 or fill out a request form here.

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