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Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA

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Living in Carmel Mountain Ranch, California

History of Carmel Mountain Ranch

It was once part of the Mexican land grant back in the 1820s. In 1905, the Carmelite Sisters of Mercy established a dairy farm and monastery in the said area. Carmel Mountain, a Biblical reference to Mount Carmel was the name from the nuns. 

In 1984, the San Diego City Council approved and called it Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Plan.

Neighborhood & Real Estate Costs

The community of Carmel Mountain Ranch has a population of 12,269 people in an area that offers a dense suburban feel. It’s a great neighborhood with highly rated schools, and things to do for every member of the family.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Neighborhood:

The average cost for a median home in Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA is $820,000. The housing market is very competitive in Carmel Mountain Ranch with a year over year 6.8% increase in market value and being sold in just a few days in the market after listing. Click here for more information on the cost to build a custom home or the cost to build an accessory dwelling unit in Carmel Mountain Ranch, CA.

Places to Grocery Shop:

In Carmel Mountain Ranch you have different options when it comes to buying groceries to stock up your pantry or just do some shopping. Just a couple options in Carmel Mountain Ranch are:




Carmel Mountain Ranch is a diverse community that has churches for everyone. Below are just a few churches in or near the area:

Health & Safety

Important Information:

Crime Rates:

The crime rate in the Carmel Mountain Ranch community is ranked as B-. The total crime is 14% below the national average with violent crime rating 23% below the national average. Carmel Mountain Ranch is safer than 68% of the cities in the United States

Chances of Being Victim to Crime in Carmel Mountain Ranch:

Sex Offenders in Carmel Mountain Ranch:

The sex offender list for Carmel Mountain Ranch is found under San Diego County and is low compared to California average even with the large population. The ratio of individuals is 1 (sex offender) to 998 people living in San Diego. The California ratio is 1 to 720 people, which is a bit lower. If you would like to view the sex offenders that could possibly or potentially live next to you view here.

Do You Have Children?

Carmel Mountain Ranch is a great place for everyone in the family. It is safe, areas for kids activities, highly rated schools you can enroll your child to and enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Schools in Carmel Mountain Ranch


Here are the Top Public Schools Serving Carmel Mountain Ranch:


There’s only 1 private school serving the area for preschoolers. This will be a great option for those parents who want to have their young children attend school near their homes. 

Home Schools:

Another option for you If you have children that are getting their education through homeschooling. There are available resources for you for locations within Carmel Mountain Ranch! Below are some and also homeschool groups that you can view here

Things to Do in Carmel Mountain Ranch


Carmel Mountain Ranch is a great neighborhood within San Diego California, that being said there’s always something to do in here. It has great views and the area is kid friendly and family friendly. 

Things to Do Outdoors near Carmel Mountain Ranch:

Health & Fitness

This community understands the importance of being fit and healthy, Carmel Mountain Ranch Community has plenty of places to ensure you can achieve a healthy mind and body.

Health & Fitness in Carmel Mountain Ranch:


There are different restaurants you can go to in Carmel Mountain Ranch ranging from different cuisines that are great for families and friends. There is a restaurant for every type of occasion from birthdays to anniversaries to celebrations.

Restaurants in Carmel Mountain Ranch:

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