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Category: Custom Home Building

Water Proofing for a Zero Barrier Shower Pan

How to Build a Zero-Barrier Shower Hey, everyone. Today, we’re in the master bathroom of a custom home that we’re building right now in San Diego, California. Behind me is…

Applying Spray Foam Insulation

Applying Spray Foam Insulation in San Diego Hey, everyone. We’re out on a project in San Diego, and the spray foam insulation is getting done today, so I wanted to take you around…


Why Spray Foam Insulation is Beneficial for Your Home

Learn the Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation in Your Home We’re actually in an attic in a custom home that we’re building right now, and I want to show…


Critical Waterproofing Detail for a Fascia Board When it Runs Into a Wall

Waterproofing Details for Leak-Prone Areas of a Custom Home Hey, Brian Freeman with Freeman’s Construction here. Today, I will show you a waterproofing detail in a common location to get…


The Process for Pouring Concrete Start to Finish

Pouring Concrete for a New Custom Home Good morning. It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Today, we’re on a job east of Ramona. We poured about 100 yards of flatwork…


Tour of a Custom Home Under Construction in Ramona

New Custom Home Tour with Bill Freeman Good morning! It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re here in Ramona on a custom home project we’re building. We want to take…


EP: 81 Custom Home Project Pricing

About This Episode: Today we review 5 custom home projects and go over the actual project prices and what you can expect to spend if you are wanting to build…


EP: 80 Update on Home Construction Loan Interest Rates and Price Reductions

About This Episode: Update on the current home construction loan and 30-year fixed-rate mortgage interest rates. Also price reductions on land and larger homes in the Middleton, Idaho area.

EP 79: How to Figure Out the Build Costs for Custom Homes

About This Episode: What is the fastest way to figure out the build costs for a custom home? Learn how we break the home into 3 different parts in order…


EP 77: Get Easements Color Coded and Plotted Before You Buy or Sell a Home

About This Episode: It is critical to have the title company plot all the easements on a parcel map for you during the due diligence period. If you are buying…


EP 75: Lender Cost Breakdowns for New Custom Homes

About The Episode: In this episode, you will learn how to prepare a cost breakdown for a construction loan if you are building a custom home. 

EP 73: What Affects The Price Per Square Foot When You Build A Custom Home?

About This Episode: Today we talk about the 3 most important factors that affect the price per square foot when you are building a custom home.

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