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Category: Demolition


Demoing an Old House to Build an ADU

Reusing Timber from Demolished Garage in ADU Project Hey, Good morning, everyone. Today I am updating you on a project we have just started. You can see the demos in…


Demo Day 6: Finishing the Basement Demo & Trucking Out Debris

Nampa, Idaho Demo Project Today is demo day six at this project in Nampa, Idaho; tearing down the house, and we’re working on the basement, so we’ll give you an…


Demo Day 5: Demoing a Basement & Backfilling

Nampa, Idaho Demolition Project Today is demo day five on the demolition project where we’re tearing out an old house, milk barn, and a bunch of concrete in Nampa, Idaho.…


Demo Day 4: Trucking Out Concrete & Demo Debris

Crushing Up the Demolition Debris for Heavier Dump Loads Today is day four of our demo project in Nampa. The excavator is starting to load up the old house; it’s…


Demo Day 3: Demoing & Crunching the House

Crunching the House for Fewer Loads & Trucking it to the Dump Hey, we’re on demo day three for the house in Nampa, Idaho. We’re getting a little slow start…


DEMO DAY 2 | Demoing The House

Tearing Down an Old House in Nampa, Idaho Hey, today is demo day two. We are tearing down an old house and milk barn in Nampa, Idaho. We have a…


DEMO DAY | Tearing Down a House & Milk Barn

Demoing a House and Milk Barn Hey, today is demo day one! We’re tearing down an old milk barn and house in Nampa, Idaho. So, we have a mini excavator,…


Property Clean Up with a Dump Trailer, Excavator & Burn Pile

Property Clean-Up in Middleton, Idaho Hey! Today, we’re doing some property cleanup on the lot in Middleton, Idaho, and using a burn pile to eliminate some of the debris. So…


DEMO DAY 2 | Tearing Down an Old House

Update on Demo Day 2 for a Middleton, Idaho Home Hey! We’re here to update you on demo day 2 for a vacant home in Middleton, Idaho! We got all…


DEMO DAY | Tearing Down an Old House

Demoing an Old House in Middleton, Idaho It’s DEMO DAY 1! Today, my son Brad Freeman has a mini excavator on the job site to tear down the old home.…

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