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Property Clean Up with a Dump Trailer, Excavator & Burn Pile

Property Clean-Up in Middleton, Idaho

Hey! Today, we’re doing some property cleanup on the lot in Middleton, Idaho, and using a burn pile to eliminate some of the debris. So I wanted to get you an update on what’s exactly going on.

Freeman Family Working Together

My dad, Bill, is on the job site with us today, keeping an eye on the burn pile we’re using to burn brush and downed trees on the property. We have a hose out to ensure everything is wet down around it to control the fire. My son Bradley is also on the job site with his mini excavator, Kubota KX040; he’s using that to feed the fire, so he’s been moving around the property. So the plan for the day is to get the downed trees chopped with the chainsaw and get all the debris into mini piles to burn.

How to Prep Debris to be Burned

We’re using a dump trailer called a PJ trailer that we’re using to get the piles of debris. So we load the mini X that has picked up a load of debris onto the trailer and then return to the mini piles to dump; that’s how we got the mini debris piles created. It’s allowed us to clean the property well; the truck drives around with the mini X, loads all the piles in, and then comes back over and dumps into the piles to be burned.

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