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San Diego, CA

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Living in San Diego, California

History of San Diego

Known as California’s second largest city and the United States’ eighth largest. San Diego County encompasses 18 incorporated cities and other awesome neighborhoods. It is also the first city recognized in California and has been called the “Birthplace of California”. Many people have been wanting to live here because of its idyllic climate, it’s location being near to beautiful beaches and scenic views. It’s climate is characterized by warm, dry summers and mild winters with most of the annual drizzle season falling between November and March.

Facts About San Diego:

Neighborhood & Real Estate Costs

The county of San Diego has a population of 3,342,800 people and grows 0.13% each year. It is the second most populous county in California and eight most populous in the United States. It has a lot of great neighborhoods, scenic views of the beach and mountains (depending on which part of the county you reside), and a lot of things to do for everyone in the family, and top notch schools for your children.

San Diego Neighborhood:

The average cost for a median home in San Diego is $699,000. The housing market is scored as very competitive in San Diego with a yearly11.8% increase in market value and it doesn’t sit too long in the market after listing. Click here for more information on the cost to build a custom home or the cost to build an accessory dwelling unit in San Diego, CA. In addition to the neighborhoods below you can check this link for the complete listing of neighborhoods in San Diego. 

Places to Grocery Shop:

In San Diego you have a lot of options whether it is groceries to fill your pantry or just shop for anything. They have a lot of supermarkets or farmers markets in the area and huge department stores and malls for your liking. Here are a few on the list but expect to have more when you’re in San Diego:




Because of San Diego’s vast population it is guaranteed that this area has churches for every religion because of its diverse culture and beliefs. So whatever your preferences are, you are always welcome here. Below are just to name a few churches in San Diego:

Health & Safety

Important Information:

Crime Rates:

The San Diego crime rate is ranked as C. Its total crime rate is 10% below the national average with violent crime rating 5% below the national average. San Diego is safer than most 32% of the cities in the United States

Chances of Being Victim to Crime in San Diego:

Sex Offenders in San Diego:

The sex offender list for San Diego is low compared to California average even with the large population. The ratio of individuals is 1 (sex offender) to 998 people living in San Diego. The California ratio is 1 to 720 people, which is a bit lower. If you would like to view the sex offenders that could possibly or potentially live next to you view here.

Do You Have Children?

San Diego is an awesome place to raise kids! It has great and top notch schools you can enroll your kids in and with the large community there are a variety of activities you will be able to do such as enjoy nature and the outdoors with your children or simply travel along the area. 

Schools in San Diego


In San Diego, there are approximately 211 public schools. You can check this link for reviews for public schools in San Diego. Here are some of the best public schools and a complete list in the area.

Here’s to name a few Public Schools in San Diego:


There are great options of top notch private schools for enrolling your kids too! There are 106 top private schools in San Diego serving 24,441 students. To view reviews, ratings and more to compare the private schools in San Diego click here

Home Schools:

If you prefer to have your kids homeschooled in San Diego, don’t fret! there are plenty of resources for you for locations within San Diego! On this link you will find homeschool groups in San Diego. You may also check these top 10 home schools in San Diego. 

Things to Do in San Diego


San Diego is considered an area with the most ideal weather in California, it’s a place for people who love outdoors and it offers a variety of activities in the area. It has amazing views and a lot of attractions to explore. From a beach trip to hiking, you have all the options you can think of!

Things to Do Outdoors in San Diego:

Health & Fitness

For someone who loves to stay fit, healthy,and active, San Diego is the place to be! No matter how you maintain and achieve great health, there are plenty of places in San Diego to ensure you have a healthy mind and body.

Health & Fitness in San Diego:


If you are looking for activities for adults there are a lot of options for you too. 


San Diego is a kid friendly neighborhood with a lot of great schools, there are a lot of places you can take your kids to for a great time outside the house whether it be for fun or for educational purposes, San Diego have it!

Things to Do with Children in San Diego:


Are you someone who finds joy when dining out or having great food with friends and family to share it with? San Diego has a lot of restaurants where you can go to and share great meals no matter what the occasion. 

Restaurants in San Diego:

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