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Scripps Ranch, CA

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Living in Scripps Ranch, California

History of Scripps Ranch

It’s History all started when newspaperman E.W. Scripps arrived in California back in 1890 to see his ailing sister, Annie, who lives in Alameda. When his sister was on the road to recovery, he boarded for a four-days visit to San Diego. He at first, describes it as a “busted, broken down boom town,” but eventually decided to build their own home namely, Miramar, which was known to be named after an Italian castle. Scripps and his mentor who’s also his half-sister then decided to purchase a portion of the land and at time the siblings have acquired and expanded their property, making it at first as their “winter home” to become the family’s year round home in the 1900’s.

Facts About Scripps Ranch:

Neighborhood & Real Estate Costs

The population of Scripps Ranch is 36,364 and It has great neighborhoods because of its abundant eucalyptus trees, low crime rate, thriving businesses, and fantastic schools. Scripps Ranch has many parks and great areas to relax, go for a walk, jog, run, or to take the dogs out. Also has few relaxed restaurants, and craft breweries dot the neighborhood.

Median homes are priced at $886,500 and have a very competitive market. It has a year over year increase of 57.7% and gets many offers from buyers. 

Scripps Ranch Neighborhood:

Home ownership here is at 76% which is 19% higher than the US average. Click here for more information on the cost to build a custom home or the cost to build an accessory dwelling unit in Scripps Ranch, CA. You can use this link to help you know more about this lush neighborhood of Scripps Ranch.

Places to Grocery Shop:

Scripps Ranch also has several stores to choose from to organic and non-organic local or non-local produce, to groceries, fast food even wines and liquor.  Find the list below to name a few:


No matter what your faith and beliefs is, Scripps Ranch has numbers of churches around the area that can certainly welcome everyone as family.

Health & Safety

Important Information:

Crime Rates:

The crime rate in Scripps Ranch is 74% lower than the national average. Daily crimes are at 2.73 for every 100,000 people. View this link to see for yourself that the city is noticeably safer compared to any other place. No questions ask why this city is ranked A+.

Chances of Being Victim to Crime in Scripps Ranch:

Sex Offenders in Scripps Ranch:

The sex offender list for Scripps Ranch is low to none at all. If you would like to view the sex offenders that could possibly or potentially live next to you view here.

Do You Have Children?

Because Scripps Ranch is a very safe place to live in its neighborhood is an awesome place to raise children.  You’ll have peace of mind letting your children explore parks, playgrounds and other areas they can go to.

Schools in Scripps Ranch


Here’s a link to view the education analytics and academic ratings of Scripps Ranch’s schools and how theis standards compete with the nationals in terms of average test scores. 

Here’s to name a few Public Schools in Scripps Ranch:


Enrolling in this list of private schools in this link is a smart choice too for residents because Scripps Ranch as a neighborhood also has high standard institutions that you can choose and compare

Home Schools:

Options are endless here at Scripps Ranch, from public to private schools, they also have schools that offer home schooling for those that really need to be in their own private space. 

Things to Do in Scripps Ranch


Endless possibilities of what you can do outdoors in Scripps Ranch, from fishing or just bird watching in the lakeside to trail hiking or just simply enjoying the much familiar California breeze to kayaking, sports and hobbies or just simply unwind thru the night life. There’s countless of the things you can do.

Things to Do Outdoors in Scripps Ranch:

Health & Fitness

And for those that are health conscious or for those who just want to be in shape Scripps Ranch also has those gyms and training centers available.

Health & Fitness in Scripps Ranch:


For more grown-ups activities choices at Scripps Ranch are endless as well. There’s night clubs, to just have beer while having a bonfire by the bay or to simply get a rejuvenating massage at the spa. 

Things to Do for Adults in Scripps Ranch:


Once again, since Scripps Ranch is a kid friendly zone, there’s a place where kids can learn, enjoy and just have a great time!

Things to Do with Children in Scripps Ranch:


There are a lot of restaurants you can choose ranging from different cuisines from different countries from fine dining, casual, and to fast food, you can have it for dine in or delivered at the convenience of your own home.

Restaurants in Scripps Ranch:

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